BubbleUp: Expertise

Skills. Knowledge. Experience.
We use all of these to help our clients
navigate the digital world.


An in-depth knowledge of the changing healthcare
industry allows us to deliver secure, compliant and
effective websites, digital media marketing and
custom technology solutions to industry leaders.

We offer a full range of services to the healthcare market including SEO, SEM, Online Strategy,
Patient Acquisition and Retention Marketing, Web Design and Development
and Custom Technology Solutions. Our ground breaking preference
card management system, PrefTrax, and our comprehensive vendor life cycle
management system, VizTrax, are helping healthcare organizations reduce costs,
improve efficiencies and reduce risks associated with supply.


We work in close partnership with world-famous
, entertainers and organizations to help
them connect directly with their fans to create
profitable long-term relationships.

Whether it's fan clubs and communities, mobile apps, social media management, online stores,
Facebook contesting or live event streaming, we have years of experience delivering world-class
services that will energize your fan base and increase your revenue.


From casinos to hotels and resorts, we understand
the unique needs of the hospitality industry and
can deliver a comprehensive digital media and
marketing strategy that works.

From websites designed to be attractive and yet flexible for changing promotions to social media
management meant to engage your guests when they're not on property, we know how to turn
your customers into life-long fans.


We have delivered compelling websites,
comprehensive digital strategies and
eCommerce to individual restaurants
and international chains.

From online reservations to merchandise sales, we develop digital media marketing
plans that engage your customers through direct email and social media
to deliver them to your website and, ultimately, your restaurant.

Beer, Wine, Spirits

An intimate knowledge of the unique challenges
involved with online beer, wine and spirits
promotions sets us apart to help you achieve
your marketing and distribution goals.

We deliver engaging web presence combined with interactive social media marketing,
contesting, on-site activations and a full suite of creative services to help you connect
with your demographic, support your distributors and drive traffic to retail.

Consumer Products

We've developed multi-faceted digital media
and marketing plans for some of the most
recognized brands
in the world. We can
help you too.

Whether you're looking to grow your social media fan base, engage consumers directly
through email marketing and online advertising, or create an online store to sell
products direct to consumers, we have the experience you are looking for.


BubbleUp powers over 100 online stores for
high-profile clients that deliver millions of
dollars of sales
revenue per year. We make
eCommerce easy.

From store development to ongoing marketing, we know what resonates with customers
and what doesn't. We'll work with you to identify your market and develop an effective
promotional and marketing plan to drive them to the store.


We provide solutions to non-profits that
allow them to walk the line between
promoting their good work and raising
the funds
they need to get it done.

We help non-profits accept online donations, sell tickets to charitable events,
highlighting their mission and engaging their fans via multimedia on the
website and through social media.