How to Write Powerful Headlines

Aug 21, 2020

As a marketing writer, oftentimes you will be asked to write headlines. This can be the easiest or the most difficult task a writer will encounter. Sometimes lines pour out of your head with ease and hit the mark and sometimes it seems near impossible to come up with a line that will prove effective and powerful enough to convince the public to buy your product. But did you know that there are proven things you can do to make your life easier when writing headlines?

Here are some of our favorite insider tips that will help you write lines that will grab people’s attention and make your business successful:

Use A Call to Action

Using CTA, or “Call to Action”, is a great way to get engagement. Sometimes people need to be told what to do, so when you compare a generic headline that provides no sense of direction for the customer, to a headline that integrates CTA like “Get the perfect website!”, you’ll see that this ad performs much better.

Use Problem/Solution Headlines

Problem/Solution headlines are those that knowledge there’s a problem that the customer faces and offers to solve it with the product that’s being advertised and it’s very effective at getting the attention of people in those situations. If you use this blog post as an example, the headline “Forget about writer’s block!” implies that by reading these tips, your problem, “writer’s block” will go away.

Use Humor

Humor is a very powerful tool when used correctly. Everyone likes to have some fun, and making people laugh or smile can instantaneously put them in a better mood and therefore look at your product with a positive attitude from the get go. For example, for a snack subscription service, you might write “Your stomach growls will never embarrass you again”, it’s relatable, it’s funny and it puts potential customers in a good mood, which will make them more likely to like your product.

Speak to Your Audience 

In marketing, it’s very important to know your audience. If you know your audience you know what their interest are and you know what language to use to effectively communicate with them. For example “Let’s talk about AI. It’s a Game Changer!” You’re using terms they understand, you’re not being unnecessarily formal and you’re getting your point across all pithing a few words!

Use Your Keywords

Keywords are one of those things that everyone knows about but might not implement all that often into their work, but when it comes to headlines, keywords are so important. If two companies are offering the same service, but one of them uses non-specific language to advertise it while the other one makes the effort to use keywords, the customer will likely go with the latter since everything they’re looking for is spelled out right there for them, like in the case of someone looking to advertise their business, they’ll be more interested in a headline that reads “Best Online Marketing Agency”.

So all in all, regardless of the type of product or service you’re trying to advertise, remember these tips to elevate your headlines to the next level.