The Benefits Of Having a Fan Club | BubbleUp Digital Marketing

The Benefits Of Having a Fan Club | BubbleUp Digital Marketing

Whether it’s a free or paid fan community, artists can connect with their fans through a Fan Club to create additional revenue and to build and nurture relationships among a community of their lifelong fans. The most successful fan clubs foster communities around the artist/band and the fans who join become the artist/band’s core group of loyal fans who support the artist/band throughout their career. 

Many may think fan clubs act as an annual payment for fans to access presale tickets and/or meet & greet opportunities, but fan clubs can offer much more - for both the artist and their fans.

Let’s look at Fan Club benefits from both the Artist and Fan perspective:


  • Besides being an additional revenue stream, the ability to have your best fans self identify as an artist’s biggest fan is huge! These are the fans who buy and stream music; the ones buying the tickets, VIP experiences, merchandise and generally anything an artist is selling.
  • Artists can also collect and track fan’s data among the fans in their fan club. This data collected among the fan club is different from the data that collected through socials, as fan clubs allow you to be able to individualize the fan's engagement and track their activity level throughout their lifetime of being in the fan club. The data provided by these fans allows the artist to efficiently launch tours, introduce new merchandise, release music and create special events.
  • When artists create a paid fan club experience, including ticket access with lowered service fees, the fans buying into these paid levels value their status and are investing in their relationship with the artist. When a paid fan club experience is paired with other benefits including exclusive merchandise, a yearly exclusive fan club gift, and access to live streams and concert replays; these benefits are acting as extra tools to further build upon the relationship as the fans recognize these extra perks that are only offered to them compared to the other fans who aren’t a part of the paid fan club experience. The Avett Brothers and Luke Bryan have delighted their fans for years by offering great seats and discounted service fees. And they share in revenue from the fan club service fees.

Fans:   Many fans will gladly pay for an exclusive set of benefits that helps them connect with their favorite artists!

  • Pre-sale tickets and Meet & Greet Opportunities: Many fans see value in early access to concerts, and when fan clubs offer early access to tickets with reduced service fees, fans who attend multiple concerts per ear see an immediate financial benefit in addition to having access to tickets. The Avett Brothers and Luke Bryan have delighted their fans for years by offering great seats and discounted service fees.
  • Exclusive Content: Consistently pushing out exclusive content to fans might sound tedious, but it's the thing that continues to build a relationship with fans. The fan sees the content & knows that they are among the top group of fans who get to see this content. Content can range from the first look at the album art, new music clips, video snippets, lyrics, etc. to unreleased music, etc. All the content that was posed during a recent Dierks Bentley pre-order for his last album, The Mountain was a huge hit with his fans and drove many pre-sales, contributing to a highly successful album release. The Tedeschi Trucks Band includes free downloads of select concerts each year to Swamp Family Fan Club members.
  • Fans get a first listen of music: We've had many customers releasing new music to the fans the day before it gets released to others. If you're worried about it getting out, our team can add custom code to ensure the music isn't sharable.  We did this for The Black Keys when they released an ENTIRE album 24 hours before it was released to the public - this was HUGE in increasing the size of their free fan club and the fan data collected will serve them well as they launch their next albums and tours. Some other examples of artists releasing early music and video to fans include Luke Combs, Ashley McBryde, Jimmie Allen, LANCO (music video)

Here are even more perks that can come with a fan club. And there can be more as each artist can develop benefits based on their unique relationship wth their fans.

  • Exclusive merchandise or first look at merchandise
  • Fan club discounts, ongoing discounts in artist store for being a member or campaign discounts with 3rd party partners
  • Contests: Anything autographed goes a long way
  • Annual Gifts: a unique, exclusive gift such as The Avett Brothers yearly 7” vinyl to Avett Guild Members
  • Fan Club Parties: Yearly or around shows and special events.

If you would like to learn more or discuss further, please contact us!