What is the 'BubbleUp' Charge On My Credit Card?

We know it can be a little confusing - you get your credit card statement for last month and there is a charge on there for "BubbleUp."

"I don't remember buying anything from BubbleUp," you tell yourself, and begin researching who we are.

There's a good chance you may have purchased something from us without realizing it.

BubbleUp provides e-commerce support and fan clubs for a number of musical artists and businesses. So if you bought a Luke Bryan fan club membership, a KISS tee shirt, a CD from Alan Jackson, joined the Avett Brothers fan club, or purchased something from any of the hundreds of other artist stores and communities we power, the charge may have showed up as BubbleUp.

Still not sure if you purchased from us?

Call us at 832-585-0709 - we are always happy to look up the charge on your credit card and verify it was a legit purchase.

Contact Us.

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Whether you need an eCommerce store, a new website, digital marketing, branding, a community membership system/fan club, or looking for a custom development solution, we can help.

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