Fan Club Spotlight: Kelsea Ballerini Celebrates 4 years of Club Legends!

Throughout the last four years, BubbleUp has worked alongside Kelsea Ballerini and her team at Sandbox Management to give members of her fan club, Club Legends a platform to connect with Kelsea and her music. In addition to offering members handwritten letters and surprise gifts on an annual basis; we have helped Kelsea interact with her fans in unique ways during pre-pandemic, during the pandemic, and post-pandemic times. 

Pre-pandemic, Kelsea held her first in-person fan club party where she debuted clips off her self-titled album, "kelsea," answered fan club q&a's, and personally hugged and took a selfie with every single fan in attendance. We announced this intimate gathering 24 hours before the event, and opened up a lottery system to give everyone an equal chance at winning an invitation to attend.

That same year, Kelsea released the follow-up album and second half of the story, "ballerini" and we held a similar release "party" through our proprietary livestream player, Blive. Blive allowed all fan club members to tune in regardless of location, to interact with Kelsea real-time. Kelsea debuted new merchandise, clips of songs and even a behind-the-scenes clip from an unreleased music video during this exclusive livestream with her fans. 

Since then, we've been utilizing Blive to promote various music including "SUBJECT TO CHANGE," book of poetry - Feel Your Way Through, and show announcements for Kelsea as a way to engage and ensure her fans are the first to know about new and upcoming releases. We've also allowed fans to give us their input on what they would like to see by using our poll feature to let them vote on photos to use for upcoming annual gifts.

Just last month, Kelsea released 'Rolling Up The Welcome Mat (For Good)," a project completing her story from her previously released EP, "Rolling Up The Welcome Mat". Kelsea introduced this project following three separate small screenings of her self-written and directed short film to her fan club members in LA, Nashville and NYC. We announced the shows a day before they went on sale, and opened up presales to fan club members for just 30 minutes before they went on sale. Within 10 minutes of presales, all shows were sold out. We also helped sell the tickets for the NYC show by using a trusted platform, and assisted Kelsea's team at check-in day of show.

We truly love seeing how Kelsea cares about her fans, and we're dedicated to help Kelsea and her team continue to grow and strengthen Kelsea's relationship with her dedicated fanbase.

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